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The Good News Voice

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KGNA 89.9 FM Arnold
KGNV 89.9 FM Washington

KGNX   89.7 FM Ballwin/Chesterfield
KGNN 104.9 FM Jefferson City

KGNN 90.3 FM Cuba
KGNN 94.9 FM Salem

A nonprofit, interdenominational radio broadcaster honoring Jesus Christ.


Your support makes The Good News Voice possible. Thank you to all who help.
As a nonprofit Christian organization, The Good News Voice relies entirely on tax-deductible contributions from people like you.  Whether it is a program we air sharing a portion of the gifts sent by our listeners, an organization that supports our efforts, or someone like you that appreciates quality programming, it is ultimately people that are concerned with providing the Gospel to our community that allow us to continue.

                               Your gifts:
Help strengthen our listeners and their families
Help promote traditional values
Help communicate the Gospel
Help listeners who cannot afford to support the ministry

Did you know . . . ?

If we have had a positive impact on your life,
please prayerfully consider a gift today.

Many people believe that income from our sponsors underwrites the entire cost of producing this ministry. Sponsors and the programs we air are important, but we cannot survive without the support of you, our listener.
Of the thousands of listeners, only a small percentage are helping support this ministry. Contributions of any size are a tremendous help and encouragement as we strive to maintain and improve our radio ministry.
If we received just $10 a month from each of our listening families, we could not only maintain financial stability, we could expand, improve our signal quality, and reach more people with The Good News? What a great and inexpensive way to be a partner in the Great Commission!

How can you help?

Pray for this ministry that we would reach people, positively affect lives, improve our community and honor God in the process!

Purpose to partner with us by sending a monthly gift.

Encourage our sponsors by letting them know you appreciate their support and you hear about them on The Good News Voice.

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