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KGNA 89.9 FM Arnold
KGNV 89.9 FM Washington

KGNX   89.7 FM Ballwin/Chesterfield
KGNN 104.9 FM Jefferson City

KGNN 90.3 FM Cuba
KGNN 94.9 FM Salem

A nonprofit, interdenominational radio broadcaster honoring Jesus Christ.



Everyone who helps support this radio ministry should feel good about being a partner in helping others who need to hear the Gospel, need daily teaching, enjoy Christian music, or need to fill an emptiness in their life.
Because of you, and your financial support, we can impact lives as shown in the following listener comments.

I gave my life to the Lord because of the teaching I heard on your radio station. After listening to a sermon on KGNN by a local pastor, I pulled off the road and gave my life to Jesus Christ. Thank you for being there.
                       Saint James

To my friends at KGNV. I wish I had more to give because your station is important for me.  As I live alone, it is a friend. I think of you as you have technical difficulties, sun spots, ice & snow, and equipment not operating properly.  Know that I continue to pray for this station and my vision is for all the St. Louis area to be able to hear.  Lifting you up,
Villa Ridge

I really enjoyed the Southern Gospel Music you added to your station.                                   Steelville

I am home-bound. I do not get out much, so I really enjoyed your Southern Gospel Hour on Sunday                                  Cuba

Awesome Southern Gospel music. We need this!                                           Salem

I appreciate your station. I especially appreciate your airing of President Bush’s national announcements and your programs that support Biblical principles. I will support you as I have the means, you are an important part of my days.                         Washington

I particularly appreciate Music Through The Night, midnight thru 5am every night. I recently needed someone’s encouragement in the middle of the night, and you were there for me. Thanks so much.

Do you have a sponsor that sells tires? I want to do business with companies that care about Christian radio.
                Lake Sherwood

God has blessed our family this year. I honestly believe this has happened because we trusted our finances to Him. We feel so blessed to be able to share our blessings with the Good News Voice. You are some people’s only exposure to God’s message. You are a true instrument of God.

I live in California, but I was staying in Cuba for awhile because of huge marital and financial problems.  I do not listen to Christian radio, but just happened to hear Pastor Bob Knight on your station as I was station surfing.  His message convinced me not to take my own life but to give my life to Christ.

I enjoy the station. Each speaker has something special, and I love to listen to each one. You can’t always find a radio station or television channel that always has something good on, but the Good News Voice always does.  I have been a listener for 3 years and enjoy The Good News Voice.                                         Leasburg

My heart has always been sad that this station did not have more power for the powerful message that needs to be shouted across the airwaves.
                    Villa Ridge

Keep up the good work.     A mission field doesn’t have to be in a foreign land.

 I appreciate the Christian music you play and the various programs you air.  I have learned so much about Scripture through the years, and the teaching and encouragement have kept me close to God.

We enjoy the Christian programs.  Please continue the good news.

We have a weekend place east of Steelville and often hear your programs.  It is a great blessing to us.

Tell Betty I am really enjoying the music!                                      Cuba

The Lord bless you all in the ministry.  Enclosed is a check to help you getting the Word out.                                         Gray Summit

Thanks for your offer of a CD from The National Christian Choir. I value your Christian station.

You have my sincere thanks and gratitude for the ministry that you do.  May God continually bless you and your team, as well as those you reach.

I can be feeling down or depressed then turn on your radio station and it seems like the program or music you provide is talking right to me. It has helped me so many times that I know it is the Lord at work through this radio station.

Thank you for sending out the Gospel in word and song.  Thank you for adding Southern Gospel music to your programs.                                SalemC

I like how Betty Ellis gives the clear message of salvation on the new Southern Gospel Hour.

Your ministry remains a very significant source of growth in my Christian walk.  May God bless your labor in the Lord and all those who labor with you.
                Edgar Springs

“Focus on the Family” and “Money Matters” have helped me so much in practical areas of living, and are being used to grow my family spiritually.

We enjoy KGNN very much.  Please keep it going. At our business, most often we get nice compliments for playing a Christian station. Thanks so much for passing on Jesus’ Word, and issues concerning daily life. God bless you all!
                    Cook Station

We enjoy the great music and talk programs - good balance. We especially like the praise music on Sundays. It helps prepare us for Sunday worship. Thank you for your ministry. 
                  New Haven

Thank you for the “clean” godly programs you send over the air.

Thanks so much for airing the “Battle for Marriage” based on my request and your own concern.  Also, one of my personal favorites among your broadcasts is Adventures in Odyssey.
              Lake Sherwood

It is such a blessing to be able to have the freedom to listen to KGNV and hear the true Word of God and the great music that is also provided.                                             Hermann

Enjoyed the country Gospel program.

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