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The Good News Voice

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KGNA 89.9 FM Arnold
KGNV 89.9 FM Washington

KGNX   89.7 FM Ballwin/Chesterfield
KGNN 104.9 FM Jefferson City

KGNN 90.3 FM Cuba
KGNN 94.9 FM Salem

A nonprofit, interdenominational radio broadcaster honoring Jesus Christ.

Our Mission:

  • to build up believers in the Christian faith
  • to present the Gospel message
  • to provide sound counsel in relationships and finance
  • to support local churches which honor Jesus Christ
  • to broadcast community announcements
  • to encourage listener support of sponsoring businesses

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This non-profit broadcast ministry depends upon listener support
to continue the outreach in East Central Missouri.

BECAUSE OF YOU, we positively impact people’s lives. Here is an example:

     “ I can be feeling down or depressed then turn on your radio station and it seems like the program or music you provide is talking right to me. It has helped me so many times that I know it is the Lord at work through this radio station.”                                                                                                                                   (Name withheld), Salem, MO.

As the Lord leads, please write, enclose a gift and let us know you listen to KGNA, KGNN, KGNV, or KGNX. Please pray that the Lord will be honored through our ministry and that His Word will reach and encourage the people in our communities.

Why your gifts are so important

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